Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Now that I'm 23, I feel like I have the privilege to use the phrase "Kids these days"

For example, today my 14 year old cousin Kenneth comes home from school with a 99cent Arizona fruit punch drink. I'm thinking, nice! Cheap and refreshing. Good Job Kenny.

Kenneth: "Chad, you want some?"
me: "yea sure" *slurp* "Thanks man i really needed that"
Kenneth: "No problem"
(we talk a little bit about school and stuff and then....)
Kenneth: *cough* *cough* *COUGH* (I hear mucus O_O)
me: "what the hell Kenneth, are you sick?!"
Kenneth: "nope"
me: "then why are you coughing so much, you sound like you're sick!!"
Kenneth: "nah, i'm not sick anymore. I WAS sick, but now I'm just coughing"
me: "DUDE, thats just as bad, why'd you give me your drink?! I'm gonna get the swine flu!!"
Kenneth: "I don't have the swine flu, just the swine"
me: "what the hell does that mean?"
Kenneth: "I dont have the full symptoms of the flu, just a sore throat and a cough, so i just have swine."
me: "Kenneth!! you're gonna kill me!"
Kenneth: *laughs hysterically* (which triggers another coughing spree, nasty.)

...Kids these days.


Henry Tran said...

Man, kids these days.

Unknown said...


Cora L. said...

ahhaahahah that's gross duuuuude. you shouldve asked him if he BACKWASHED LOL

AtenZ said...

Whats up with the ribbon rig?

vee said...

hey!!! the pig's from maple story!